Official Stills from the Persona 3 movie “Midsummer Knight’s Dream”




protagship as my part of art trade with nie! i like to think about tired minato flopping his body to souji for a little rest after battle. hope you like it!!!

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Kanto Illustrations 001 - 026 - Created by Piper Thibodeau

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sinbad no bouken chapter 24 is really, really important. I’m glad I finally have a perfect page, along with a cap from chapter 212 from magi, for this argument. 

so. there are a lot of people who continually spew bullshit in magi tags like “sinbad is evil!!” “sinbad is an arrogant asshole!!” “sinbad just wants power for himself!!!” “taking advantage of kougyoku was horrible!! he is so terrible!!” and i keep wondering if we have even read the same manga

in the chapter, sinbad cheats everyone out of getting the djinn by tricking them. but why did he use such an under handed trick?? SEE ABOVE. do you think this is any different than what he’s done in the main manga??? because it isn’t.

see the second cap. protecting his country to have the upper hand in a war that’s been brought onto him is just horrible right? protecting the peaceful place he’s literally worked his entire life to build? that he built for other people? to change the world for the better? not just to be king? not just to have power for himself? why can you not see this? 

it just really irks me that people would look at a character like this and automatically call him a villain, and then treat the kou empire like angels. absolutely crazy. how do you misinterpret a character like this. read the manga again, and stop clogging the tags with your useless hate posts that have literally no basis because you aren’t paying attention to shit. thanks. 

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"I guess it’s true….Aryll really has been kidnapped…Hasn’t she?"


Resident Evil: B.S.A.A (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance)



'Thank you, Cloud.'

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